Warwick Healeys

In 1946 Donald Healey set up his own Motor Company in Warwick, UK, to design and produce sporting cars. The company designed their own chassis and suspension which were fitted with the Riley gearboxes, axles and 2443cc 4 cylinder engine producing 106BHP.

The cars produced during this period are generally referred to as Warwick Healeys, but are also known as pre-Austin or pre-BMC. The chassis were bodied as a sporting saloon by Elliott and Company, a sports convertible by The Westland Aero Company of Hereford, and both saloon and convertible by Duncan Industries of Norfolk. These were all coachbuilt using an Ash frame clad in Aluminium Panels
In 1949, the 2 seater Silverstone sports/racing models was introduced, selling for £995, in order to avoid the double purchase tax that was applied on cars above £1000. The Silverstone was extremely successful in competition.
A small number of 4 seat Sportsmobile models were built, using a more modern design with the wings (fenders) styled into the body.
In 1949 the Elliott and Westland versions were superceeded with bodies from Tickford (saloon) and Abbott (convertible), also Ash framed, aluminium clad and with 4 seats.
Due to a chance meeting between Donald Healey and the president of Nash motors on a liner crossing the Atlantic, and agreement was made to build a new model, the Nash-Healey. This would use the Healey chassis, Nash engine and gearbox, and a more modern styled 2 seat body built by Panelcraft, later replaced with a Pinifarina styled body.
Additionally the Healey company introduced the 2 seat, 3 litre sports convertible (also known as the Alvis Healey) which used the Alvis 3000cc 6 cylinder engine. Special bodied cars were also made by a number of other manufacturers, these included sports, saloon and shooting brake versions. It is not clear how many of these specials were produced.

In total the company produced approximately 1377 cars, until they were replaced by the new Austin-Healey 100.

Models. There are some sub divisions within these groups, but these are the Main variants.
Westland, 1946-50, 2443cc,convertible, 70 built
Elliott, 1946-50, 2443cc, saloon, 104 built
Sportsmobile, 1948-50, 2443cc, convertible, 25 built
Silverstone, 1948-50, 2443cc, sports/racing, 106 built. Dedicated web site Classic Healeys, Germany, including a Silverstone Register www.healey-classic.de
Duncan, 1946-48, 2443cc, convertible, approx 3 built
Duncan, 1946-48, 2443cc, saloon, 39 built
Duncan, 1946-48, 2443cc, ‘Drone’ minimalist sports, 50 built
Abbott, 1950-54, 2443cc, convertible, 88 built
Tickford, 1950-54, 2443cc, saloon, 225 built
3 Litre Sports convertible (Alvis), 1951-52, 3000cc, 6 cyl, 28 built
Nash, 1950-52, 3848cc, 6 cyl, convertible, Panelcraft body, 104 built
Nash, 1952-54, 4138cc, 6 cyl, convertible, Pininfarina body, 250 built
Nash, 1952-54, 4138cc, 6 cyl, fixed head coupe, Pininfarina body, 150 built
Various specials, 1946-54, 2443cc, sports/saloon/shooting brake, 135 built
For more details, and to view photographs of these cars, refer the Association of Healey Owners