Great British Car Journey 2022

Tuesday 17th May

We have organised a group visit to see the Great British Car Journey at the Derwent Works, Ambergate, Derbyshire DE56 2HE.

The CEO, Richard Usher –  a Healey enthusiast of many years – was an active member of Midlands Centre, along with his brother Andrew who raced a 100. Richard’s Frogeye is on display in the museum and Andrew still owns a Sprite. We would like to support Richard with a good turnout of cars and hope in return he will be able to talk to us during the visit.

As the title suggests, visitors will be taken on an interactive journey celebrating an era when British entrepreneurs and engineers were at the forefront of a transport revolution. Along with Henry Ford in America , Herbert Austin and William Morris were the leaders who put the working population behind the wheel and gave us all the freedom of mobility which we now take for granted.

This is the story of a British industry which in its heyday was a worldwide force and its products could be found in all corner of the globe. Its heroes are the popular cars from a bygone era when for half a century, British cars did literally “rule the road”. Many of these cars are now incredibly rare and we have spent over two years searching for examples to display.

It is anticipated that members will arrive for breakfast by 10:00 – 10:30 after which we will proceed to the museum. We have arranged for a dedicated parking area so hope to have a fine display of Healeys. For lunch, a variety of meals are available in the Café.

The cost is £15 per PERSON. Upon arrival, this will entitle you to a breakfast bap (sausage or bacon) and a hot drink followed by entry to the museum.

For more information contact Robert or Linda Kemp on Tel 01283 760434 or EMAIL