Donington Historic Festival 29-30 April 2023


A half-price advance ticket deal

Members of clubs registered with us can enjoy a significant saving, as they receive a 50% discount off our advance prices for all ticket types for themselves and their passengers when they book to bring a display vehicle for your club’s stand.

Free club parking in the Infield and Melbourne Hairpin

Please note, only vehicles which are club-display appropriate are allowed onto club stands, and we do ask that the vehicle’s date, make, model and registration number are provided at the time of ticket booking.

Lunchtime parades

Details to follow.

Important: Please note, for 2023, MSV has aligned our event with all other events at which display vehicles take part, and the 50% club discount is only available when a club member books in a display vehicle (the discount will apply to the driver and passenger tickets). I’m afraid that members who are planning on attending but don’t have a display vehicle won’t be eligible for the discount. Of course, if a member books in a display car and buys discounted tickets, and then for some reason their car isn’t able to make the event (breakdown etc.), their discounted entry tickets will still be valid. 

Important: Please note also that all club bookings must be made online, via the system described on the booking instruction document – there is no telephone booking for club discounted tickets. Consequently, no club code is needed.

How to book: I have put the booking instructions into a Word document. It’s important that you understand the changes to the process this year – i.e. online bookings only (and only made through the specific display vehicle booking link provided in the pdf document that you download from the button below), and that only members planning on bringing a display vehicle are eligible for the club discount for themselves and their passengers.

Booking deadline 16th April 2023