A-Head 4 Healeys Visit

Saturday11 March 2023. Unit 7 Upton Road Rugby  CV22 7DL

We have arranged to visit to the new premises of Ahead4Healeys on Saturday on 11th March arriving at 10.30.  We have chosen Saturday – when they are usually closed – so we will have the place to ourselves and the undivided attention of Keith and staff. Also it gives any ‘working’ members a chance to take part and the parking will be considerably easier as the surrounding premises don’t take up spaces on a Saturday.

There will be coffee on arrival, a chance to look around the new facilities and stores, and the opportunity to talk to the staff face to face.

We have also made a booking at a local pub – The Bear (bearpubrugby.co.uk) – for 1.30 to continue further discussions. The food & beer has been tried and tested by the Kemps as you would expect! Depending on numbers we may have to ask you to order in advance.

As Spring will be making everyone think about getting the cars back on the road it will be a good opportunity to get your shopping list ready and we look forward to seeing you on the Saturday 11th  March

Contact Robert Kemp  at Robertmkemp48@outlook.com 07831 710409

Or Lin Kemp at linda.kemp@outlook.com 07795557323